Ensure Your Voice Is Heard

Heavenly Messenger will send letters to loved ones for years to come, helping you be a part of special moments, even if you can’t physically be there.

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Delivering Letters to Loved Ones for Years to Come

Our messenger services offer peace of mind so you can rest easy knowing that your loved ones will receive your letters even when you can’t be there to deliver them yourself.

Whether you are chronically ill, getting older, or just want to prepare for the future, you can ensure you are a part of big moments and special occasions for those you really care about. Heavenly Messenger offers a variety of letter bundles to suit your needs and make sure your letters are received by your loved ones regardless of where they are.

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How it Works

Ensuring Your Voice is Still Heard

Whether you want to write to your child for their wedding day or your grandchild for their high school graduation, we have the perfect bundle to meet your needs and provide peace of mind in knowing that the letters you write for your loved ones will reach them when you need them to. By following 4 simple steps, you can guarantee your loved ones will receive your words and memories even after you’ve passed.

Step 1

Create your Heavenly Messenger profile, invite your account guardians, and choose your Letter Bundle.

Step 2

Let us know the recipient(s) of your letter and when you want your letter(s) to be delivered. Don’t know the date yet? Don’t worry, this can be added later.

Step 3

Once your account is all set up and ready to go, we will send you your custom Heavenly Messenger stationary package so you can get started.

Step 4

Write your letters and send them to us via the prepaid postage included in your package for secure storage until it’s time for your letters to be sent.

Need some inspiration? Read some sample letter's!


Letter Options

2 different Longlife Memories to choose from

Special Memories

Our Special Memories options are great for typing out your messages so you can be certain your loved ones will understand every word. Our Special Memories options are also a convenient option if you require someone’s help to type out a message while you dictate. Don’t worry, we will print and mail a physical copy to the recipient.

Shared Memories

Add an extra personal touch to your message with one of our Shared Memories options. Each Shared Memories option comes with its own bundle of custom stationary for you to create your heartfelt messages on. Then simply return your letters to us with the prepaid postage provided and we will handle the rest.