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Jason Kom-Tong


Meet Jason, the Founder and motivating force behind Heavenly Messenger. As a survivor of terminal Stage 4 Cancer, Jason fought his illness in order to be there for important life events in his family’s lives and now dedicates himself to providing a service for people in similar circumstances who might not be so fortunate.

Jason has an array of corporate accolades, but what he is most proud of are his children, Zack and Kisenya. They are the true inspiration behind the creation of Heavenly Messenger.

Gregory Berry

 Vice President

This is Greg, the Vice President and Co-Founder of Heavenly Messenger. As a close friend, he was eager to help Jason turn his dream into a reality.

An expert in all things marketing, Greg has previously been a consultant for numerous companies in Canada and Great Britain, as well as orchestrated several campaigns for of the top Marketing Agencies in the UK.

If you have any Media, Marketing, or Partnership inquiries, please contact Greg.

Jennifer Jensen

Director of Administration

Say hello to Jenn, a Co-Founder of Heavenly Messenger and the driving force for all things administration. She keeps the company running smoothly, every day.

Along with her amazing organizational skills, Jenn has a natural talent for managing people and workplaces and has an array of experience in handling private information and establishing long-term business relationships.


Compassion Care Manager

Kelly has dedicated over 20+ years volunteering her time in hospice & palliative care and has been at many people’s bedside companion as they complete the final stages of life. She’s also help’s comfort family members ones that just lost a loved one, and believes so much in the service we provide, that she came out of retirement to join our team.

Kelly says, “This service will lessen the mental & emotional pain that one feels when reaching their final days, as well as the suffering one faces when having to live on without that loved one in their lives anymore.” Kelly prides herself on the compassion and care she provides and said, “she couldn’t stay retired and not be a part of something so impactful and meaning full”. As one of the newest members to join our team we welcome Kelly with open arms as she provides a level of compassion, understanding, and professionalism that words can’t express.


Project Manager

Michelle has an extensive background in long term care, and continually strives to remind and show people how special they are. She has taken on many lead roles and projects in her career and is often known for participating in or creating projects of inclusion and compassion, to join people together in a fun and meaningful way.

She is always going out of her way to make everyone’s day just that much better. Michelle gives every inch of her heart towards empathy and happiness of others, and we are so proud and honoured to have her as a part of our team.


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