About Us

About Heavenly Messenger

Heavenly Messenger is here to make sure your voice is being heard, even when you can’t be there yourself to deliver the message.

Whether you are suffering from an illness, getting older, or just want to be prepared in case tragedy strikes, we have a letter bundle for you! Now you can write heartfelt messages for your loved ones to receive on a specific date or at an important life event and we will handle the worry of making sure your letters get delivered on time and to the right place.

Heavenly Messenger allows you to leave an impact on the lives of your loved ones years down the road!

  • Choose between handwritten or typed letters
  • Choose your recipient(s)
  • Get a family or friend involved to help ensure future delivery
  • Pick a future date or special occasion for your recipient
  • Leave the letter with us and we will do the rest!

Our Mission is to help individuals leave an impact on their loved ones, even after they’re gone.


Our Values are: Compassionate & Caring | Reliable | Supportive | Honesty and Integrity

Meet Jason

Hello, my name is Jason. I am one of the founders of Heavenly Messenger. Life can be crazy sometimes, and mine certainly took an unexpected twist that would change the path of my future forever.

Life was going smoothly. I had a beautiful wife and two young children at home, but then:

  • Diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma Tongue Cancer
  • Endured chemo, radiation and 2 major surgeries in 2014
  • Total removal of my tongue, removal of my Fibula to replace my lower jaw, as well as a blood transfusion
  • The cancer had metastasized into my bones and the back of my skull
  • Deemed terminal

Specialists gave me 3 months to live.

Learn More About Jason's Story in his NEW BOOK

In 2013, Jason was diagnosed with a terminal illness. During what were to be his final days, he wrote stories of his life for his kids to read when they were older; lessons that Jason wanted them to know while growing up and facing the problems that they would encounter in the world.

Miraculously, he averted his fate and lived through the terminal diagnosis. Jason got to experience what death was like for the dying, and he knew he had to share his knowledge, which he did in his book, The Dangerous Mind of a Dying Man. Not only did Jason share his experiences, he dedicated his new life to fixing the hardest challenge he had ever faced; knowing he would not be a part of his loved ones’ lives anymore, and that his loved ones would feel alone when he passed.

If you’re interested in hearing more about how Jason beat cancer and why that became the catalyst for what is now Heavenly Messenger, read The Dangerous mind of a Dying Man, available now.