Account Guardian Invite

Hi {{guardian_name}},

Heavenly Messenger is a letter service that ensures every voice is heard, even once the sender has passed on. We offer our clients peace of mind knowing that the letters they write to their loved ones will reach them even when they can’t be here to deliver the letters themselves.

That’s where you can help! As an Account Guardian, you help make sure that {{client_first_name}}’s heartfelt letters make it to their destinations on time. It’s really easy to do: simply setup your account by clicking the link below. Then, every 6 months, we will send you an email to make sure we still have the most up-to-date address for each letter recipient. If {{client_first_name}} has chosen to have a letter delivered on a date that they don’t know yet – like a wedding day, graduation, or birth of a grandchild – we will also ask you to let us know when the date is set.

As an Account Guardian, you can help {{client_first_name}} stay connected to their loved ones for years to come. Get started today by clicking below to setup your account with Heavenly Messenger.

Many thanks,

Jason from Heavenly Messenger