Getting Recipient


Good news- you are getting mail!

{{CLIENT_NAME}} has written you a letter and asked us here at Heavenly Messenger to hold onto it for you, until a later date. We want to make sure that this letter gets to you on time, and so we are asking that you create a Heavenly Messenger account to let us know if you move or if the date of your event changes.

{{CLIENT_NAME}} chose to send you a letter on this date for a reason, and we want to make sure her message arrives on the date {{CLIENT_NAME}} has requested. Help us make sure {{CLIENT_NAME}}’s words are heard by clicking on the link below to confirm your details and create your Heavenly Messenger account!

Heavenly Messenger is a letter service that ensures every voice is heard, even once the sender has passed on. We offer our clients peace of mind knowing that the letters they write to their loved ones will reach them even when they can’t be here to deliver the letters themselves.